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“We appreciate the valuable impact you have made to contribute to the overall success of Radio KC and the well-being of every team member.”

Wentley September

Head of Programmes at KC Radio

Introduction Into Radio Broadcasting Short Course

The Selcorp Media Radio Broadcasting Short Course provides you with an introduction to the medium of radio as one of the most far-reaching communication platforms in South Africa. The course specifically looks at the basic operations associated with radio broadcasting, highlights the different types of radio stations, gives a breakdown of the various departments within a radio station, and touches on the typical legislation that governs the radio industry in South Africa. During the course, you will also develop creative techniques to broadcast appropriate programming aimed at your own internet, community or niched market station, gaining hands-on experience in creating content that grabs listeners’ attention. We use ‘Popular Education’ principles and Adult Education learning theories in our facilitation to enhance the learning process with participants on all levels.

The 'Back to Basics' Workshop

The ‘Back to Basics’ Workshop is designed for everyone from experienced to new presenters. The Program kicks off with a 1-day (5 hour) workshop, followed up with reviews and monitoring, designed for all Presenters, Producers and Programme Managers. A 2 day Boot camp is optional but advisable to include the technical aspects of Radio Broadcasting The on-air presenter’s purpose is to educate, entertain, inform and connect with the audience, and this is ignited within the workshop.

The ‘Back to Basics’ Workshop develops and ensures that your existing talent reaches its full potential, helping broadcasters develop and train talent to constantly strive to produce high impact content.

This workshop is designed to assist radio stations in talent development and also take the burden away from Program Managers having to dedicate the required time with them. Program Managers today often have to design programming for Sales and Marketing and Community-based Partners, creating less time for monitoring and developing even experienced talent.